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We offer professional window cleaning and general cleaning service to the Western Cape. Dirty Window Cleaning offers personalised service, and highly competitive pricing plans. Care is taken to ensure the least amount of disruption to the site. The team is diligent and well managed. Dirty Window Cleaning has a wide range of services. If the service that you require is not listed, please feel free to contact us. Safety of the client is of the utmost importance to us.

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Our newest venture
In 2013 Dirty window cleaning service invested in a deionised water fed pole system.

A long story short?…Well that would be missing the point of this fantastic system.  We would never just say that Cape Town has a mountain!

 In Layman’s terms:
The Unger water fed pole system, is a water filtration system that takes normal tap water and runs it through 2 filtration cartridges to get purified water delivered to the other end. This water runs through a pipe that is attached to a telescopic carbon fiber pole which we attach a brush to.

The deionised water in combination with the brush, agitates and removes the dirt from the glass. (Think of deionised water as a special sponge that is squeezed out. When released, it absorbs and holds onto the dirt that you subject it to)

The glass is rinsed and then left to dry. The water that remains on the glass is free of dirt or chemicals, so it will dry without the normal water stains left by tap water.

The benefits:
The full reach of the system is approximately 22m, so the operator stands safely on the ground while cleaning 4 to 5 stories high.
No soaps or chemicals
No ladder work means that the safety aspect changes
The water that runs off is safe for the garden

Building cladding

The list goes on.




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