The Team
The team is well supervised and managed to ensure attention to detail. We are quiet, neat and hygienic and will fit into the time slot that you require. Early morning and after hours cleaning times are an option.

The Sectors 
Construction: Post installation  and pre- handover cleaning of class and structure (internally and externally). We do pre hand over cleaning for many construction companies and renovators such as Hands on creative design www.handsoncreative.co.za , Allen Faye projects www.allanfaye.co.za 
Industrial: Cleaning of factories (various functions)
Commercial: Cleaning of offices, complexes, restaurants  (various functions)
Domestic: Cleaning of windows. In the property section, we do post or pre occupation cleaning for estate and letting agents. 

Cleaning of Windows
Cleaning with the average soap and water or “windowlene” can only clean up to a point. The salt and atmospheric contamination from kitchen and the general environment will start sticking to the glass and frame and make cleaning just a smudged blur.

Products and Equipment
Dirty Window Cleaning uses a professional range of window cleaning products. The cleaning agent is alcohol based to eliminate streaking. No soap film is left behind for dust to settle and cling to. The equipment is imported and of German design, insuring that all the water and dirt is bladed off the glass. Cleaning the windows and window frames correctly, with the correct products, will make the “in between clean” last longer and will maintain the shine of the glass.

Each establishment is unique in its cleaning needs. Some quotations are done by template (R10 per window), while others, we will take in account factors such as: Quantity, size and type of window,  access through burglar bars, via ladder, frequency of clean and budget restraints.

Cleaning of property
A cleaning team is sent in once the property has been cleared of all craftsmen and tools. In the case of a letting agent; once the exiting tenant has removed all property. The cleaning team will clean the property from ceiling to floor and everywhere in-between. The property is prepared for the client to move into and unpack weather it is work or living space.

Apart from the cleaning, we offer the following service
We will photograph the property and all snags that we come across. We will write up a detailed list of all the snags to accompany the photos. This will be sent to the relative person via e-mail. We will replace all light bulbs and plugs that are missing. This will be added to the cleaning bill.

ach establishment is unique in its cleaning needs. Some we will quote on by standard costs, (for example: R385 for a one bedroom flat) while others, we will take in account factors such as: Quantity of rooms (square meters), state of dirt, time of clean and quantity of staff needed for emergency cleans.

Service Areas
We cover areas through out the Western Cape.

We have a range of services that we offer. Taking pressure of the estate agent by having an extra set of keys cut, installing a curtain rail or painting a wall, are just a few of the odds and ends that we will do, at a very affordable rate.

So sit back, hit that contact button and tell us how we can help you…

We would like to discuss your window cleaning needs and offer you a package best suited to you.