Dirty Window Cleaning offers various services to suit your needs…

We clean windows up to second or third floor depending on the height of the floors. We use ladders and are in training to use cherry pickers, scissor lifts and various lift access machines to clean those “hard to reach” windows. House, office, commercial, industrial, shop fronts, mirrors, buses, churches… “We will clean the windows to your world”

Unger Water fed Pole System
This system has a reach of about 4 to 5 stories high
The Unger water fed pole system, is a water filtration system that takes normal tap water and runs it through 2 filtration cartridges to get purified water delivered on the other end. This water runs through a pipe that is attached to a telescopic carbon fiber pole which has a brush on the end. The deionised water in combination with the brush, agitates and removes the dirt from the glass. Used in the cleaning of signage, windows, billboards, walls, wall cladding, to name but a few.

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning from ceiling to floor and everything in between. If you just need a general once off spring clean because you just not getting to the corners, or for the day that your trusted house keeper goes on leave…
For estate agents that need a clean after a tenant has moved out and the new one is due in tomorrow. For the meticulous builder that is so over booked, we will clean up after you have left the site so that you can get on with what you do best. For the party animal student that had the house to himself the weekend…”mommy and daddy must not know”

They filter the light, break the breeze and collect dust with the greatest of ease.  Blinds and windows are of the top collectors of dust and pollen. You can vacuum your house till the cows come home, but the biggest filter of  light and dust (your blinds) gets the least attention… because it is a mission. We will take your blinds down, clean and polish them and re hang them for you…with ease.

When your gutters are filled with leaves, they get blocked up, if left, they will grow plants, grass and even trees. The water that is suppose to fall into the gutter then gets blown to the underside of the roof sheeting and into the wall cavities. This can cause damp in your walls and ceiling. “…I wonder why that paint is peeling”

Small Gardens
A quick mow of the lawn, trim of the edge, a shuffle or two in the garden beds and the value of a rental or sale property increases. We will remove the rubble and make your property rental far less trouble

While up on a ladder, cleaning the windows or clean the gutter of leaves and clutter, we will report anything of concern. While cleaning after the tenant has moved out we will photograph and log anything from a missing dish cloth to an infestation of fish moth.